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    review rating 5  Jo has been working with our family for a while now. The difference is incredible! My son can sit in class and is able to concentrate more and manage his own fur balls as we call it. Another family member's depression is much more manageable and calmer. It has made a huge difference to our lives. Jo is very professional, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She injects humor into dark times, which helps you see light in times of struggle. She always responds to emails and texts. We would do without her.

    thumb Roxana Deacon

    review rating 5  I just wanted to let you know about Jo. She has supported my son with his retained reflexes ( when we first saw her, she assessed him and said they are still present). These reflexes are supposed to go from 8/9 Months. She has unlocked those trapped pathways using a brushing therapy which has made much of an improvement in they way he is able to express himself and also make sense of the world more. Have a look at her link below, she’s a lovely lady and my son loves to come and see her. She has a wealth of knowledge and you can see from her reviews she is 5 star all the way!

    thumb Louisa Hinds

    review rating 5  We were referred to Jo when our son was told he was not welcome to start Reception at our local school. The new school after 3 weeks were struggling and suggested we get an assessment with Jo. This was the best thing ever! Life changing doesn't really come close. B's symptoms were extreme and for that Reception year we had a lot of ups and downs. The old school had banded around labels such as Autism and ADHD but deep down I didn't think this was right. B was so different at home than in the school environment. A year on and B is having an amazing start to Year 1. He has won the Headteachers award and is thriving in all subjects. The change is huge. B now has a future. We had thought we might have ended up in a specialist school as things were so bad. Thank goodness for Jo. She is amazing with B but equally amazing with me. Giving support and advice. I am so indebted and grateful for being referred to this amazing therapy. B was not naughty nor did he have a mainstream label. He has retained primitive reflexes and life is rosy. For any parents struggling, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I can now see it......

    thumb nerys walters

    review rating 5  Having been recommended to see Jo by another mummy (best word of mouth) my daughter (10 years) and I drove to see her for our first appointment. For me as mum - I have never seen my daughter respond so positively to someone, so quickly. Jo got down on her level and talked to HER and in doing so developed an immediate rapport. For my daughter - when driving home after that first appointment, she turned off the music and put her hand on my arm and said, “Mummy, apart from you and daddy no grown up has ever properly understood me until Jo”. My eyes leaked a decision we ever made. HIGHLY recommend.

    thumb Karen Pearce

    review rating 5  A good friend recommended Jo to us after a variety of struggles with my daughter over a period of a few years, including significant anxiety, issues retaining information, struggles with relationships, changes to routines and day to day life. From our first point of contact Jo has been amazing. When I first spoke to her asking if she thought she could help, she was so helpful and understanding and I put the phone down feeling so much better just knowing there was hope, someone understood and there may be a way forward. The first appointment was certainly enlightening and very interesting. My daughter warmed to Jo instantly and very much looks forward to her appointments. The exercises, advice and help Jo has given us for our daughter has been unexpectedly life changing which was not expected. I have to confess, although we were keen and wanted Jo to help, there was a little part of me that felt sceptical but the proof is most definitely in the pudding! Jo’s careful assessment at the start of the course and her ongoing reviews have made the therapy individual to my daughter, meaning changes in our life and my daughter’s behaviour and study can be taken into account when considering the continuation of therapy. I have to confess there have been a few occasions when I have sat and wondered how on earth this can be making a difference but it does! I would highly recommend Jo to other parents… I had never heard of retained reflexes until my friend put me in touch with Jo but it makes so much sense when Jo explains it. Seeing the difference in my daughter and the improvement in the way she copes and manages in life is really quite extraordinary.

    thumb Victoria Ashby

    review rating 5  We heard of Jo from my son’s reception teacher who identified that he was struggling with keeping up with milestones. I have twins that were born 3 months early and Jo was amazing in explaining that they had retained a lot of their baby reflexes. She has been working with them over a year and the changes we noticed were phenomenal. She explained how one reflex needs to be switched on to then trigger another to aid in the natural development of children. We started off with gentle brush strokes on the back. Jo is amazing - very calm, approachable and fantastic with kids. Without Jo’s intervention, the twins would be still struggling. I highly recommended her and her NDT treatment.

    thumb Siddika Hashim
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