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I just wanted to let you know about Jo. She has supported my son with his retained reflexes ( when we first saw her, she assessed him and said they are still present). These reflexes are supposed to go from 8/9 Months. She has unlocked those trapped pathways using a brushing therapy which has made much of an improvement in they way he is able to express himself and also make sense of the world more. Have a look at her link below, she’s a lovely lady and my son loves to come and see her. She has a wealth of knowledge and you can see from her reviews she is 5 star all the way!

Louisa Hinds Avatar Louisa Hinds
February 26, 2020

I can not rate Jo highly enough. I made the appointment feeling sceptical and hoping to rule out this treatment as a need for us but the contrary was true. I am so pleased. It has been life changing for us all. Our son is now dry at night, completely. He communicates his emotions so effectively and he has grown over an inch, with his teachers noticing the calming effect and improved interaction he is having at school. Jo explains everything so well and is wonderful with our son. I think every child should have an assessment and experience the benefits. The cost is worth it, money well spent.

Hope in Depression Avatar Hope in Depression
June 17, 2019

A good friend recommended Jo to us after a variety of struggles with my daughter over a period of a few years, including significant anxiety, issues retaining information, struggles with relationships, changes to routines and day to day life. From our first point of contact Jo has been amazing. When I first spoke to her asking if she thought she could help, she was so helpful and understanding and I put the phone down feeling so much better just knowing there was hope, someone understood and there may be a way forward. The first appointment was certainly enlightening and very interesting. My daughter warmed to Jo instantly and very much looks forward to her appointments. The exercises, advice and help Jo has given us for our daughter has been unexpectedly life changing which was not expected. I have to confess, although we were keen and wanted Jo to help, there was a little part of me that felt sceptical but the proof is most definitely in the pudding! Jo’s careful assessment at the start of the course and her ongoing reviews have made the therapy individual to my daughter, meaning changes in our life and my daughter’s behaviour and study can be taken into account when considering the continuation of therapy. I have to confess there have been a few occasions when I have sat and wondered how on earth this can be making a difference but it does! I would highly recommend Jo to other parents… I had never heard of retained reflexes until my friend put me in touch with Jo but it makes so much sense when Jo explains it. Seeing the difference in my daughter and the improvement in the way she copes and manages in life is really quite extraordinary.

Victoria Ashby Avatar Victoria Ashby
April 23, 2020

Having been recommended to see Jo by another mummy (best word of mouth) my daughter (10 years) and I drove to see her for our first appointment. For me as mum - I have never seen my daughter respond so positively to someone, so quickly. Jo got down on her level and talked to HER and in doing so developed an immediate rapport. For my daughter - when driving home after that first appointment, she turned off the music and put her hand on my arm and said, “Mummy, apart from you and daddy no grown up has ever properly understood me until Jo”. My eyes leaked a decision we ever made. HIGHLY recommend.

Karen Pearce Avatar Karen Pearce
May 22, 2020

My eldest son is dyslexic and can be very emotional. He has been seeing Jo for around a year and her therapies have had a significant impact on his behaviours. Prior to seeing Jo he had done Vision Therapy and endless Occupational Therapy with little success and I feel that Jo’s therapies are slowly, but surely, fixing the underlying problems these more ‘conventional’ treatments have failed to address. His emotional control is improving, his resilience, while still variable, has improved, his eye tracking is now great and he can now hold a pencil correctly – something the OT and school had given up on. Most extraordinarily of all, he no longer feels the need to fidget or move constantly which we had always been a feature of his waking hours. In short it feels as though he has matured about three years in the space of one – and I am hopeful that there are more improvements to come as we continue to work through the various treatments I am not naturally drawn to ‘alternative’ therapies but I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jo to anyone who feels that their child is not thriving or ‘fitting in’ as well as they could – she has a great way with children and, while I don’t pretend to understand the details of what she is doing, the results are unarguable!

Ian Warby Avatar Ian Warby
April 22, 2020

Jo was introduced to me when my daughter who was then a teenager had some symptoms that my osteopath spotted during a treatment. Jo was so helpful in explaining what she was looking for - the likely causes and or triggers for what she was experiencing- and it unlocked both physical and emotional healing. The skills that followed over the next 5 years from that initial work and the curiosity to keep learning about how her body works has been monumental for my daughter to better understand her physical symptoms and how they connect to some of her ability to influence her physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Aimie Chapple Avatar Aimie Chapple
May 23, 2020
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